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  • Explanation: Pulverized Coal BoilerAmong The first batch of industrial pulverized coal boiler manufacturers in ChinaSingle drum and natural circulation, “π” type arrangement,front hanging after branch,DC burners in the four corner of the furnace to form a circular flame or Swirl burner arranged in the front wall.High efficiency and stable operation with maximum continuous operation time, excellent sealing for the furnace, low NOx emission, simple structure that is easy for maintenance.High flexible of the fuel like bitumite, meagre coal, anthracite coal, lignitous coal and the mixture fuel of coal & gasCapacity:  35t/h—410t/hSuperheated steam temperature:400℃-540℃The medium temperature and medium pressure, high temperature and high pressure medium pulverized coalPC boiler used for small capaci...
    Explanation: Circulating Fluidized Bed BoilerForeign advanced and mature Circofluid technologyThe introduction of the circulating fluidized bed technology from German BABCOCK Company.Medium-temperature separation, safe and reliable, high separation efficiency.High thermal efficiency, low smoke velocity, small wear degree, quick start-up, low pollutant emission.Flexibility for different type of coals, and burning bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite, peat, coal gangue, etc.Capacity:  75t/h—220t/hSuperheated steam temperature:390℃-540℃Superheated steam pressure:3.8MPa-9.8MPa Major outstanding achievement 序号 产品型号 代表用户 1 BG-75/3.82-M 广西番禹振裕纺织印染厂等 2 BG-75/5.29-M 苏州吴县江远热电厂等 3 BG-130/3.82-M 焦作寅马热电厂等 4 BG-130/5.29-M 石家庄诚峰热电有限新万博app苹果版下载等 5 BG-125/3.82-M 台湾铭荣元实业有限新万博app苹果版下载
    Explanation: Oil or Gas Fired BoilerClean energy combustionIntroduce and optimize the advanced international "D" type water pipe type fuel gas boiler technology, has formed the seriation, standardization of products.Rich experience data has been taken for various kinds of oil or gas , and the known heat transfer theory and experience data is used for differentworking conditions, make the equipment  achieve the desiredresults after operation.Enhanced combustion is one of the key technology of "D" type water pipe type fuel oil or gas boiler, the design of the furnacehas been fully considered to ensure burnout the flame length and a good flame degree, and with good sealing performance,the positive pressure combustion, saves the fan, make the fluegas system becomes simple, reduces ...
    Explanation: Large Domestic Waste, Hazardous Waste, and Biomass BurningTurning waste into treasure Launch a new age of energyAccording to the characteristics of municipal waste composition and hazardous waste and biomass combustion characteristic, cooperating with our technological partners such as Tsinghua University, BMEI CO.,LTD. and Keppel Seghers, Ren original environmental protection enterprise cooperation, with the key technology of grate boiler or grate-CFB boiler as a core, we manufactured various types of heat recovery boilers.Manufactured boilers have a strong flexible waste, complete Waste incineration process  , complete pollution control measures, the strictly process   and so on Daily processing capacity: 150t/d-600t/d
    Explanation: Horizontal Circulating Fluidized BedHigh efficiency, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection minitype Coal-fired Boilers.Adopts the patent technology of Tsinghua University, based on the traditional fluidized bed combustion technology , exploit a new type of fluidized bed products, which can produce steam, also can produce hot water.Horizontal structure, small floor spacefootprint, high thermal efficiency, obvious energy saving effect, low pollutants emission, stable operation, low break down ratio.Flexibility of the fuel, combustible with bituminous coal, meagrelean coal, lignite, coal gangue and so on. Major outstanding achievement 序号 产品型号 代表用户 1 BG-260T/D 长春生活垃圾综合处理电站一期工程 2 BG-500T/D 长春生活垃圾综合处理电站二期工程 3 BG-350T/D 北京市顺义垃圾综合处理厂 4 BG-600T/D 北京市高安屯循环经济管理中心
    Case Name: Biomass Boiler
    Explanation: Biomass BoilerBreakthrough Innovation, Biomass and Heating TechnologyBiomass boiler adopts circulating fluidized bed boiler incineration technology, and according to the physical properties, combustion characteristics and slagging characteristics, design type of feeding, the specific design of feeding type,furnace hearth structure, separation methods, arrangement of heating surface arrangement, way of blowing ash ways, etc. Fuel applicable:corn stalk, corn cobs, wheat straw, rice straw, sawdust, weeds, inferior coal, coal mixture burning, etc.Capacity:  4t/h—45t/h
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